December 1, 2023
vinyl Flooring by Gaya Wallpaper

vinyl Flooring - Gaya Wallpaper

Alongside wallpapers, we are also the best carpet dealer in Gaya city. No need to be worried about flooring and carpets as we got them covered too.

Just like wallpaper, we also have varieties and different kinds of carpets available. Gaya wallpaper has every range of carpets including GDP carpets. For better understanding let me explain what GDP is.

GDP (German Design Print) is a type that consists of an integration of typography and photography style to make the design eye-catching and unique.

WONDERFLOOR is the best in Carpet.

We are the best carpet dealer in Gaya city as we deal broadly in various types of GDP carpets. Among all brands, we have the product of wonderfloor.

The products of wonderfloor are proven world-class both in quality and longevity. It is one of the largest manufacturers of PVC flooring and coverings, that’s why wonderfloor is number one on the list of best carpet dealers in Gaya city.

From wooden to artificial leather style and from Matt finish to glossy design, wonderfloor floorings have a wide range of collections. Wonderfloor products are manufactured with state-of-the-art machinery so it eliminates the chance of human error to zero.

Product Details:

  1. Wonderfloor provides GDP base products & items.
  2. The thickness is 0.65 mm.
  3. The width is 2.0 meters to 1.5 meters.
  4. Each roll covers a length of 30 meters.

Packing: One roll –

• 60 square meters × 2.0 meters in width, or

• 45 square meters × 1.5 meters in width.

Products of wonderfloor can be easily installed on concrete, and steel wooden floors, before the installation the wonderfloor carpets should be kept for 24 hours at average room temperature for better results.

Any rubber or acrylic adhesive can be used to install wonderfloor vinyl and floor covering.


We also have floor coverings of duratek as it comes with numerous designs. Gaya wallpaper provides products with promising quality, and that’s where duratek comes to fulfill the promise.

In the list of the best carpet dealers in Gaya city, Duratek has to be there because of the ease of maintenance. Duratek products are available in hundreds of designs and shades.

Product Details:

  • Duratek comes in a printed sheet.
  • The thickness is 1mm.
  • The width is 2.0 meters to 20 linear meters.
  • Each roll covers a length of 40 square meters.
  • Packing: One roll of 40 square meters.

Before the installation, the carpets should be kept for 24 hours at average room temperature for better results and a good finish.

Any rubber or acrylic adhesive can be used to install floor covering.


The list of the best carpet dealers in Gaya city would be incomplete without Hightech. From the house of WONDERFLOOR, this is one of the most premium products. Hightech floor coverings are available in dynamic textures like marble and granite.

Having its place in the premium segment makes it suitable for different places like shops, showrooms, homes, offices, and multiplex. Not only in style and design, but Hightech is also easy to maintain over a while.

Hightech is the best option for premium flooring, as it comes in various designs. The texture gives the natural look which increases its overall elegance.

  • Product Details:
  • a) Hightech premium flooring comes in a roll.
  • b) Thickness is 1.30 mm.
  • c) Width is 2 linear meters to 20 linear meters in length.
  • d) Hightech premium flooring is easy to maintain and resistant to basic acids.
  • e) Weight: 2.30 kg/square meter.

Hightech has the most crucial feature even after being in the premium segment, that it’s so easy to clean and maintain, mopping with a soap solution and it becomes brand new.

    The premium segment would be incomplete without ANTIQUE flooring. Antique is specifically famous for its natural wood and stone design. The embossed texture almost gives a 3D look.

The design covers both luxury and rich taste. One of the embarked features which makes it more special is, that it could be used for semi-commercial purposes also.

Antique premium floorings are not only good for semi-commercial purposes but the dynamic range of color also stands out, so it’s just to include antique floorings in the list of the best carpet dealers in Gaya city.

Product Details:
a) Antique premium flooring comes in a roll.
b) Thickness is 1.5 mm.
c) Width is 2 linear meters to 20 linear meters in length.
d) Antique premium flooring is easy to maintain and resistant to basic acids.
e) Weight: 2.85 kg/square meter.

Besides the quality of antique premium floorings, it’s also very easy to clean it. Somewhat antique premium floorings are resistant to minimal scratches and marks. With a wet cloth and a soap solution, it should be cleaned.

    One of the main elements of the carpet is fiber. Fabricated carpets are unique ‘pile’ in different techniques. The conjecture of fabric loops at the back of the carpets determines their softness and durability.

Fabricated carpets come in different types, a few of them are listed below:
1) Nylon
2) Polypropylene (Olefin)
3) Polyester
4) Acrylic
5) Wool

    Robust vinyl flooring is out of this world. It can withstand anything you can think of. Gaya Wallpaper is known as the best carpet dealer in Gaya city because we also serve Robust floorings.

Robust flooring is used for heavy-duty, the resistance and endurance capacity makes it the game changer in vinyl flooring. Robust flooring is mainly used in railways, shopping malls, and other places where footfall is exponentially high.

We are the best robust carpet dealer in Gaya city as we promise quality products, even after heavy wear and tear using the robust flooring stands still.

  • Product Details:
  • a) Robust heavy-duty vinyl is suitable for healthcare applications also.
  • b) Thickness range between 1.0 mm to 2.0 mm.
  • c) Robust vinyl is abrasion and fireproof also up to an extent.
  • d) Robust heavy-duty vinyl is easy to maintain and resistant to various acids.
  • e) Weight: 3.40 kg/square meter (for 2.0 mm)

Robust heavy-duty vinyl is impeccable in strength and durability. The robust vinyl is in the category of best carpets in Gaya city because it can also absorb sound up to 5 decibels.

EXCEL VINYL FLOORING in Gaya City by Gaya Wallpaper Shop. | +91-7301647016.

Spc Flooring by Gaya Wallpaper
Vinyl Flooring by Gaya Wallpaper

As the name says, Excel vinyl floorings excel in rich color and texture in all aspects. Excel vinyl flooring from Gaya wallpaper is the best excel carpet dealer in Gaya city.

Excel vinyl flooring is a unique product of its own. Excel vinyl flooring comes in planks the size of 6 inches by 3 ft, available in both 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm.

Excel vinyl flooring comes on the list of the best excel flooring in Gaya city because of its versatility, uniqueness, and compatibility.

Excel vinyl floorings are so optimum that it is replacing the marble flooring like wildfire. Marble/tile flooring increases the weight of the building tremendously.

Excel vinyl flooring replaces the Marble, and it not only reduces weight but also gives a rich texture. The wood texture of the Excel flooring is one of the best products.

One of the most famous and ruling companies of India gives such a product that after 8 hours of coming in contact with water it comes out like a damp paper fall.

But excel flooring beat that 8-hour margin also. The Excel vinyl flooring is one of the best in wood texture in the house or luxury segment. Excel flooring not only reduces the weight but also enriches the luxury and royal feel.

  • Product Details:
  • a) Excel vinyl is suitable for both the showroom and the house.
  • b) Thickness range between 1.5 mm to 2.0 mm.
  • c) Excel vinyl is slip resistant.
  • d) Excel vinyl has a wear layer of thickness is 0.1 mm and this is why it reduces the weight.
  • e) Weight: 2741 g/m²

Why We Are the Best Carpet Dealer in Gaya City?

Gaya Wallpaper becomes the best artificial grass dealer in Gaya city, as we provide superior quality artificial grass. The thickness range of artificial grass varies from 25mm to 35mm with multiple shades like greener and natural.

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